“Two Nights in Lisbon” Review

I was in the mood for a good suspense thriller and Two Nights in Lisbon by Chris Pavone was the perfect choice:) This novel was set in Portugal and had many twists and turns – some action also, but more of a slowly unfolding thriller. 

Ariel Pryce and her newly wed husband, John have traveled to Lisbon for John’s business trip. They enjoy a wonderful first day, but in the morning, Ariel awakes to find that John is gone – no note, no phone calls – and Ariel tries to discover what has happened to him. She faces many obstacles in this foreign country where she does not know anyone and does not speak the language. No one seems very concerned or very willing to help her. In a background story, we learn of Ariel’s complicated past and its relevance to the current situation. I can’t divulge anymore of the plot – but it sure kept me riveted! (There are several instances of sexual assault in the novel.)

Two Nights in Lisbon had me hooked in the first 30 pages! I really wanted to learn the complete story of John’s disappearance. I didn’t completely trust Ariel – just like the authorities – but I admired her persistence and grew to like her more as I got farther into the story. I didn’t trust John either – I wanted him to be found, but wondered if he was really a ‘great guy.’ I think this novel will appeal to many mystery/suspense/thriller lovers!

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