About the Library

Mission Statement – The Watseka Public Library serves as an informational, recreational and educational center for persons of all ages in the community. Special efforts are made to help children develop an appreciation for reading and libraries and to encourage all library users to become lifelong learners.

Vision Statement – Watseka Public Library will be an integral part of the evolving Watseka community and of the lives of its residents. Our living, growing library will enrich the Watseka community by providing high-quality resources, services and access to information.

Library Cards – Watseka Public Library is a city library supported by city taxes. Library cards are available without charge to all residents of the City of Watseka and to anyone owning city property. Anyone living outside the city limits of Watseka may obtain a library card by paying an annual fee. Valid resident cards issued by other libraries within Illinois are also honored.

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