“The Club” Review

The Club by Ellery Lloyd is a mystery that kept my interest well, even though I didn’t really “like” any of the characters – each one had darkness in their personalities.  It has an intriguing plot, as a grand opening takes place on a secluded British island. I was hooked immediately since the book begins with two characters trapped on a bridge with the tide coming in – but the names of those characters aren’t revealed until the end of the novel… Another character goes missing – but is it one of those trapped on the bridge? 

Ned and Adam Groom are in the midst of opening ‘Island Home,’ the latest in their chain of highly exclusive hotels around the world. Every celebrity wants to be a member of the Grooms’ ‘Home Club’ and there is a frenzy surrounding the opening week party. Ned is the cruel and overbearing boss; Nikki is Ned’s Personal Assistant; Annie is the Head of Membership and oversees the events; Jess is the Head of Housekeeping and Adam is part owner and also Ned’s brother. There are also several guests that play a big role in the ongoing plot, and they are celebrity members attending the party.

I loved the mystery, but there were quite a few characters to remember. I went back a few times just to double check who was who . . . The second half of the novel moves much faster than the beginning half, so if you love a slowly unwinding story, I think you’ll like The Club. I was surprised several times by twists in the plot and I was satisfied with the way mysteries were tied up at the end. (This book was a ‘Reece’s March Book Club’ pick.)

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