“The Measure” Review

The Measure by Nikki Erlick is a terrific novel filled with wonderful characters that are appealing and very diverse. Each chapter is told from a specific character’s point of view, but it was very easy to keep track of their stories and the book moved along really well. The premise may be a little “futuristic,” but the message was very relevant for today’s world . . . (It is also a ‘Today Show Book Club Pick’.)

One day, everyone in the world over the age of 22 receives a box containing a string. Each box has the same message – “The measure of your life lies within.” Scientists, governments and the media analyze the strings for weeks and finally decide that the strings represent the length of time each person will live. The world begins separating into groups of ‘long living people’ and ‘short living people’. Decisions are made based on string length. People begin or end relationships because of short or long strings. Erlick does a good job of developing each character’s story – I’m still thinking about some of the characters and their choices and decisions.

The Measure was actually a very uplifting book – it left me with the message that life isn’t only measured by length, but more importantly, measured by how that life had meaning and mattered. The novel is a little different, but it really touched my heart with the ideas it explored. Check this one out!!! 

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