“Something Wilder” Review

For a great beach or vacation read, check out Something Wilder by Christina Lauren!! This book is a combination of adventure and romance with lots of humor, surprises and drama thrown in. It was a quick and really fun read!!

Lily Wilder owns her own horse riding business and takes groups on week-long trips through Canyonlands National Park in Utah. The groups must follow and solve her clues in order to reach a treasure – of course, it isn’t a real treasure; it is something placed there by Lily. However, Lily’s dad, Duke Wilder WAS a real treasure hunter. He taught Lily to follow maps and to solve his tricky clues and puzzles when she was a child. In Something Wilder, Lily and her friend, Nicole are leading a group of five guys on a trip through the canyons when suddenly the pretend treasure hunt becomes very real. The possibility of a very large sum of money seems to be hidden at the end of this trip and the danger and suspense increase along the journey. One of the paying clients also happens to be Lily’s former boyfriend, Leo, who left her life suddenly 10 years earlier.

I love the feisty character of Lily Wilder – she is a strong woman who has succeeded on her own and has dreams for her future. Leo is also a terrific character, so the scenes between them are great fun to read – both romantic and full of humor. I LOVED the way adventure combined with romance in this novel. It made for a perfect summer read!! (There is some language and of course, some steamy romance.) I think this book will be checking out quite often!!

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