“The Lost Ticket” Review

If you’re looking for an uplifting story, The Lost Ticket by Freya Sampson might be just what you need!! I read this terrific novel in one day and loved the kindnesses that different characters showed, just when circumstances looked bleak.

In 1962, Frank met the woman of his dreams on the 88 bus in London. She gave him a ticket stub with her phone number written on it . . . but Frank lost that ticket and has thought about that woman for sixty years. Now his dementia is threatening to take that memory from him. Libby, a 30 year old with dreams of her own, meets Frank on the 88 bus and he shares his story with her. Libby decides to help Frank in his search for ‘his girl.’ These two characters are terrific, but so are Dylan, a punk rock lover; Esme, a soon-to-be bride and several others that join in friendship with Libby and Frank. There are quite a few twists and turns, some romance, humor, sadness and joy. Most of all, the joy of friendship and kindness comes out in so many ways in this story.

The Lost Ticket was a sweet, heartfelt book and I enjoyed every page! It kept my interest and left me feeling so glad that I checked it out!!

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