“Other Birds” Review

I can’t stop thinking about Sarah Addison Allen’s new novel, Other Birds. Her writing is so wonderful – making me smile, laugh out loud and sometimes breaking my heart with the stories hidden inside the characters. This is a really touching novel – one reviewer said that it gives a “warm and fuzzy” feeling – and is so so enjoyable!

Other Birds takes place in Mallow Island, a small touristy town on the South Carolina coast. The characters in the novel are the residents of The Dellawisp apartments: Zoey, Charlotte, Mac, Lizbeth and Lucy, along with the caretaker, Frazier. You need to discover the delights and secrets of this book and its characters as you read the story, so I won’t share much here . . . Just know that many memories are revealed by each of the characters as the novel moves along. I gladly put off my housework to read the last 100 pages!!
I had a hard time finding a new novel that didn’t seem “just like all the others” on the shelf, but I hit the jackpot with Other Birds!! It was such a fun novel to read and had so many wonderful quotes and memorable lines written in it!!  I loved the magical touches in the novel too.  Are there ghosts or are there just memories that refuse to leave us or that we aren’t ready to let go of yet? I know many of our staff members will love this novel!

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