“Fox Creek” Review

If you haven’t checked out a book by William Kent Krueger, I highly recommend his novels. I couldn’t wait to read Fox Creek and I was not disappointed. It has mystery, suspense, Native American affairs and politics all combined with terrific characters and a beautiful setting – the northwoods of Minnesota and Canada.

Cork O’Connor is an ex-sheriff and occasional private investigator in Aurora, Minnesota who is asked to help find a man’s missing wife. The wife, Delores, has been with Ojibwe healer, Henry Meloux and his niece, Rainy. Delores’ purpose –  to understand the problems she has been having with her husband. There are dangerous people looking for Delores though, and the Aurora community gets drawn into the trouble. Henry and the women head into the Boundary Waters to escape the danger . . . and the chase begins. Why are they being chased? Who will survive? Who will escape?

My “to-do-list” had to wait while I read Fox Creek. The characters are terrific and the mystery kept my interest. The novel made me want to spend a week in the Boundary Waters to enjoy the beauty! This novel is easily read as a stand-alone novel, but

Fox Creek by Krueger is #18 in his Cork O’Connor series. (I need to go back and start with book #1 and enjoy the entire story from the beginning!!! And yes – we have the books numbered at the library, so you could do the same!)

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