“Pie” Review

My “Worthwhile Read” this week is one that Watseka Public Library is promoting in conjunction with the Unit 9 Schools. The novel is Pie by Sarah Weeks – it is a light read for both students and adults. There are great underlying themes about friendship, judging others, community spirit and more that could be discussed by readers. Even more exciting, Sarah Weeks will be here at our library in October for a community program!! 

Polly Portman is a famous pie-baker who owns a successful shop, “Pie,” in Ipswitch, Pennsylvania. She dies suddenly, leaving her niece, Alice, feeling very lost; her sister, Ruth, feeling very angry; and the community, feeling all sorts of emotions. To make matters worse, she leaves her secret pie recipe to her cat, Lardo. The novel has humor and cute characters and is an easy read. And there is a pie recipe before every chapter!

I read Pie in one afternoon and enjoyed the characters – especially Alice. I love the idea of many community members reading this book and then joining in discussions, programs and more! We have several copies of Pie at the library – just come in and borrow one at the front desk! (You don’t even need a library card to borrow the book!) Read Pie with your kids or grandkids or neighbors!  When you are finished -, just pass the book on to a friend, or return it to WPL for someone else to read it.

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