“A Death in Door County” Review

A Death in Door County by Annelise Ryan is classified as a ‘cozy mystery’ and is the first book in her Monster Hunter Series. I loved the Wisconsin setting and the info about Lake Michigan, shipwrecks and cryptids – animals that some people claim to exist but have never been proven to exist. Morgan’s parents had the same interest, but Morgan is more of a skeptic when it comes to cryptids. This mystery had no huge surprises, but was a good read and I finished it in two afternoons.

Morgan Carter owns a unique Odds & Ends store in Door County, Wisconsin but her hobby is hunting cryptids. When several bodies are found on remote shores with strange bite marks, a local police chief, Jon Flanders, comes to Morgan and hires her as a consultant on the case. Morgan and her dog, Newt, begin researching the known facts and agree that things just don’t seem right. Is there an ancient creature somewhere in Lake Michigan? Is this creature hostile? And how many people will disappear before the truth comes out?

This is a good start to a series for Annelise Ryan. Morgan and Jon are likable characters and a little romance could be beginning for them. The mystery of the dead bodies is intriguing and kept my interest, as well as the search for a cryptid. Lovers of cozy mysteries might really enjoy this novel!

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