“Mad Honey” Review

Mad Honey by Jodi Picoult and Jennifer Finney Boylan is a captivating novel that touches on SO MANY different topics . . . love, friendship, teenage struggles, trust, domestic abuse, transgender issues, murder, justice and beekeeping to name just a few. It may sound strange, but the authors bring them all together into this wonderful, thought-provoking novel called Mad Honey.

Olivia McAfee and her son, Asher live in New Hampshire where she is an apiarist (a beekeeper) and he is entering his senior year of high school. Asher has fallen in love with a new student, Lily Campanello, who is a cellist and fencing enthusiast – and their love story seems to be perfect . . . until Lily is found at the bottom of her stairway, dead; and Asher is charged with her murder. Olivia’s brother is a capable defense attorney who will represent Asher at the trial. Will Asher be found innocent or guilty? What secrets will be uncovered through the course of the investigation and trial? The mystery behind Lily’s death kept me glued to the pages.

This was a book that I couldn’t put down!! The characters were likable and well-developed. I was fascinated by the many things I learned about bees and how a hive survives and produces honey. I am still thinking about the characters and things they said in the novel – even though I read it over a week ago.  Mad Honey is written with so much care and respect and I hope you take the chance to read this great novel. I LOVED it!!!

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