“Over Her Dead Body” Review

Mystery lovers will enjoy Over Her Dead Body by Susan Walter – it was a quick read that kept me intrigued and trying to guess the ending! The short chapters are told from different characters’ points of view, which was a great way to see the story unfold from different perspectives. I had no trouble keeping characters straight – and there are several fun twists throughout the novel. (Our library will have this book in November,  but I read it as an October Kindle First Reads.)

Louisa Lake George is an aging former casting director in Los Angeles who has quite a fortune to leave to her heirs – but she hates most of her family and the feeling seems to be mutual (for good reason). The mystery begins when Louisa suddenly dies and her new will creates an uproar in the family. The potential heirs are Louisa’s two children, Charlie and Winnie; her nephew, Nathan and an aspiring young actress, Ashley. Ashley also has a roommate, Jordan, who is a doctor and some chapters are told from his point of view.

The first few chapters started out kind of slow, but once Louisa died the story kept me glued to my reading! I loved trying to guess the secrets that each character was keeping – some I guessed correctly, but some surprised me! This was a great, fun mystery!!

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