Mother-Daughter Murder Night

Mother-Daughter Murder Night” is Nina Simon’s debut novel and will appeal to both mystery lovers and family drama lovers. The setting is northern California and three generations of women are the featured characters. The murder mystery is not too intense, but kept my interest, as did the wonderful characters.

Lana, Beth and Jacqueline Rubicon – grandmother, mother and daughter – are three very different women both in looks and in personality. Lana is a former real estate businesswoman, Beth is a nurse and ‘Jack’ is a teenager with a love for nature and exploration. When a body is found in the slough during a kayak tour, ‘Jack” seems to be the main suspect in the eyes of the police. Lana, who is dealing with cancer and its side effects, jumps in to help her grand-daughter and decides to uncover the real killer. The dynamics between the three women make the story fun to follow – sometimes in a humorous way and sometimes with some tension. There are plenty of suspects and a few twists and turns along the way.

My favorite character in “Mother-Daughter Murder Night” was Lana! She made me laugh with her snippy thoughts and sharp wit. I think the characters kept my interest more than the mystery, although I didn’t guess the actual culprit until the last third of the book. I hope Nina Simon writes some sequels with the Rubicon women as characters!

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