“What Happened to the Bennetts” Review

What Happened to the Bennetts? is an intense, action packed suspense novel that hooked me from the beginning. The Bennetts are a normal, middle-class family until one violent encounter changes their lives forever. Chapters are very short and I could not put the book down – I read it in one day! (Because it was snowing in mid-April and outside wasn’t an option!)

Jason Bennett owns a court-reporting business. His wife, Lucinda, is a photographer. They and their children are carjacked while driving home from a lacrosse game, and one of their family is killed.  Several hours later, the FBI shows up at their door and places them in the witness protection program. Jason struggles with helping his family survive these horrific events and begins investigating on his own . . . but now he questions everyone – the police, the FBI, his friends and even his wife. 

There are many surprises in What Happened to the Bennetts and those left me shocked several times. The action is like an adventure movie – maybe a little over the top/not completely believable, but a great story and it sure kept my attention. Check this one out if you love action/adventure suspense novels!

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