“The Love of My Life” Review

The Love of My Life by Rosie Walsh is a thriller/suspense novel with a romance plot thrown in as well. It is slow moving at the beginning, so give it a few chapters and I think you will be pulled into the characters and the plot twists in the book.

Emma, a marine biologist, and Leo, an obituary writer, have been married for ten years. They have a beautiful daughter named Ruby and are madly in love with each other. But Emma has many secrets and lies that she has told, and now they are all flooding back into her life with devastating consequences. Emma’s characterization is so complex and depicted so well by Walsh, as is Leo’s. They are likable, but both have many flaws. Their love for each other seems unbreakable . . . until the secrets start unwinding . . . I won’t add any details, because it would ruin your reading of the story. I guessed some of the secrets, but I loved how they were revealed bit by bit.

‘Good Morning America’ chose The Love of My Life as its March book pick. It was really well written and once I got about halfway, I had to keep turning pages to find out the next twist or turn! I think you would enjoy this novel if you like slow thrillers with a nice addition of romance. The characters of Emma and Leo really touched my heart.

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