“The Last Romantics” Review

The Last Romantics by Tara Conklin is not really a romance, but is the family story of four siblings – Renee, Joe, Carolyn and Fiona Skinner. The novel’s narrator is Fiona, as she looks back on her life at the age of 102. The author does a beautiful job describing the siblings’ relationships during different times in their lives – always loving each other, but often needing forgiveness and understanding.

This story covers a lifetime in the Skinner family and is beautifully written. There is not much action or adventure, but relationships and the thoughts of each individual receive great attention. The four children suffer trauma in their early lives which comes back to influence things they do and say many years later. I truly liked all of the siblings, especially Fiona. My heart hurt for each of them when life dealt them difficult times. But even in those difficult times, love is a constant among them. If you enjoy reading about families and the foundations/inner workings that hold them together, I think you will love The Last Romantics!

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