“No Time Like the Future” Review

I was excited to read Michael J. Fox’s new book,  No Time Like the Future: An Optimist Considers Mortality. I have enjoyed so many of his performances in the tv shows, “Family Ties,” “Spin City,” and “The Good Wife,” as well as his “Back To the Future” film series. I knew that Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1991 at the age of 29, though he continued to act until very recently. 

No Time Like the Future was a great read – Michael J. Fox shares stories about his dog, his family, traveling and more. He also shares the optimism that he and his wife have chosen to embrace as they face his Parkinson’s disease. One devastating year takes a toll on Fox though and he loses his optimism for a period of time. It was interesting to read how he pulled himself back to a positive way of living, even though daily life must be very difficult for him. I really loved reading about his family relationships and his outlook on the future!

Below is a link to a “Sunday Today” tv interview with Michael J. Fox – he discusses his disease, his family, his home and his determination for optimism:

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