“The Boys From Biloxi” Review

Fans of John Grisham have probably been waiting for his new novel, The Boys from Biloxi. It is, of course, set in Biloxi, Mississippi and follows the paths of two families – the Malcos and the Rudys. At first, the families cheer on their talented, athletic sons together at baseball games. But as time goes on, things begin to change…

Keith Rudy and Hugh Malco grew up as friends and teammates, always supporting each other. But their fathers choose careers and interests that lead them in two separate directions. Lance Malco is a kingpin in the Dixie Mafia and its string of illegal activities. Jesse Rudy becomes a teacher and follows the path of law and order. These choices put the men and their sons at opposite ends of the good vs. evil battle. Who will become successful? And who will survive their inevitable clash? I couldn’t wait to get to the end of the novel to read the final result!

The first third of The Boys from Biloxi was really slow for me. I understand that Grisham was laying out the background of the Malco and Rudy families, but it got a little tedious. But the last two-thirds of the book are fantastic!! The courtroom scenes in the novel are terrific and the characters of Lance, Hugh, Jesse and Keith are well developed. Lovers of courtroom fiction and crime stories will enjoy this novel!

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