“Someone Else’s Shoes” Book Review

I have loved reading so many Jojo Moyes novels, that I placed a request for Someone Else’s Shoes months before it was published. It was a book that took a few chapters to really keep my attention, but once I connected, I loved the ‘soap opera like’ story and the good female characters. I laughed at some of the plot twists and especially enjoyed the ending.

Nisha, a wealthy trophy wife and Sam, a struggling working mom, accidentally take each other’s clothing bags at the gym. Sam ends up with a pair of 4” high-heeled Louboutin sandals that definitely aren’t hers, but they sure make her feel differently.

And Nisha, who never leaves her penthouse without designer attire, ends up with a horrible pair of flat black pumps. Nisha and Sam both have a LOT going on in their lives. Sam has a depressed husband, needy parents, a teenage daughter, money problems and a horrible boss. Nisha has a threatening husband who wants a divorce. She also has no money, no place to stay, no friends and has been separated from her son. The switch of the Louboutin shoes triggers a series of events that changes the lives of both women. (The secondary characters of Jasmine, a hotel maid and mom, and Andrea, a cancer patient, are delightful.) The friendships that eventually develop are my favorite part of the novel.

Someone Else’s Shoes is a fun contemporary fiction novel with great writing and characters. The plot is a little unrealistic, but still a fun read. You’ll be rooting for Nisha and Sam to overcome their problems!

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