Best Worthwhile Reads of 2022

I can’t believe it’s already time for the “Best Books of the Year” for 2022. I’m only featuring books that have been on our Worthwhile Reads blog this year – many of the critics’ choices won’t be on this list. I only put a book on this blog if I like it enough to recommend it to others. (In January, our library staff will have a display table of their favorite reads of 2022 – make sure to stop in and see what others liked! We are a very diverse group when it comes to reading!!)

My absolute favorite novel this year was Mad Honey by Picoult/Boylan. I could not put the book down!! The topics in this novel made it an enlightening read and it kept me up late wanting to get to the end and uncover the mystery.  Mad Honey is a Top 20 Literature/Fiction choice on Amazon and has been on the New York Times Bestsellers list for 9 weeks so far. It was also a Good Morning America Book Club pick.

My 2nd favorite read for 2022 is Other Birds by Allen. It is in the magical realism genre, was voted a Top 20 Fantasy on Amazon and was one of Reader’s Digest’s Best Fiction choices. Filling out my top 5 favorites are:

The Woman in the Library by Gentill (Top 10 Mystery by BookPage, Best Fiction

Choice by Reader’s Digest and Top 8 Crime Fiction by Library Journal)

I Must Betray You by Sepetys (Top 20 Young Adult by Amazon)

Two Nights in Lisbon by Pavone

The Diamond Eye by Quinn (#4 in Historical Fiction on Goodreads)

The  Maid by Prose has been recognized on many “best of year” lists: 

#1 Mystery/Thriller on Goodreads, Top 20 Book of the Year on Amazon,

Best 10 Mystery at Barnes & Noble, Best Fiction list at Reader’s Digest and

was on the New York Times Bestseller list for 11 weeks.

Fairy Tale by King was the #3 Fantasy novel on Goodreads. It was also a Top 20 

Fantasy novel and a Top 20 Book of the Year on Amazon and has been on the 

New York Times Bestseller list for 13 weeks so far.

There were many mysteries from our blog on the “best of year” lists. The Paris Apartment by Foley was a Best 10 Mystery at Barnes & Noble, the #2 Mystery/Thriller on Goodreads and was on the New York Times Bestseller list for 10 weeks. It was also the 5th most popular book of the year on Goodreads. The Violin Conspiracy by Slocumb was a Reader’s Digest Best Fiction choice, a Top 20 Mystery/Thriller on both Amazon and Goodreads and a Top 2 Mystery/Thriller on Buzzfeed. The Lies I Tell by Clark and What Happened to the Bennetts by Scottoline made Amazon’s Top 20 Mystery/Suspense/Thriller list and were also Reader’s Digest Best Fiction choices.

A Flicker in the Dark by Willingham was the #4 Mystery/Thriller on Goodreads and The IT Girl by Ware was a Top 20 Mystery/Thriller selection on Goodreads. Barnes & Noble chose Fox Creek by Krueger as a Top 10 Mystery and the New York Public Library chose The Appeal by Hallett as a Top 5 Mystery of the Year.

Other award winners were The Lioness by Bohjalian and The Magnolia Palace by Davis, which were both Reader’s Digest Best Fiction choices. The Measure by Erlich was a Top 20 Science Fiction book on Amazon. Beautiful Little Fools by Cantor was a

Top 10 Historical Fiction choice on Book Riot.

If you want to know more about any of these books, look back on our Worthwhile Reads book blog and there is a page devoted to each novel. Let us know what your favorite novels were for 2022!

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