“The Lindbergh Nanny” Review

The Lindbergh Nanny by Mariah Fredericks is a well-researched historical fiction novel about the kidnapping of little Charlie Lindbergh in 1932. The novel is told from the nanny’s point of view, which gives a really interesting look into the family’s household routine. There are quite a few servants and acquaintances that come under suspicion, but the story is told well with good descriptions of each, so I had no trouble keeping them straight. The novel emphasized the celebrity status that Charles Lindbergh and his family endured because of his fame as an aviator.

Betty Gow, an immigrant from Scotland, interviews and gets the job of being the nurse/nanny for Colonel and Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s baby, Charlie. She is thrilled with her new position, and comes to love little Charlie. The Lindberghs are often traveling, and Betty develops a strong bond with Charlie. When he is kidnapped from the Lindbergh’s country home, Betty is distraught but even worse, she is considered a suspect by the police. The fictional story is based on facts and follows the events that unfolded to try and discover the identity of the kidnapper(s).

Anyone who enjoys historical fiction should check-out The Lindbergh Nanny. The story is awful and heartbreaking, but telling it through Betty Gow’s eyes kept me glued to the pages. I remember my grandma talking about the Lindbergh baby, and I know that the story captured all of the headlines in the 1930’s. This was a really interesting read!!

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