“The Mystery of Mrs. Christie” Review

Did you know that the famous mystery writer, Agatha Christie, disappeared for eleven days in December 1926? When she finally reappeared, she claimed amnesia, and then NEVER spoke of the incident again. The Mystery of Mrs. Christie by Marie Benedict is a historical fiction novel that alternates chapters between the early years of Agatha’s marriage to Archibald Christie and the eleven days of her disappearance.I was really drawn into this historical fiction book. It was well-written and I found it to be a fast read. The ‘expectations for women’ were so unfair in the early 1900’s and were revealed so well in this story. I liked seeing Agatha grow into herself, but was disappointed that it took her a long time. (I guess viewpoint comes from me living in the 2000’s!) As a fan of Agatha Christie mysteries, this mystery about her own life was a joy to read! And now I think I’ll grab a couple of her mystery books to reread!

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