“The Fifth Avenue Story Society” Review

“The Fifth Avenue Story Society,” by Rachel Hauck, is a great book for those of you who like modern Christian fiction! The setting is current day New York City and the five main characters all receive mysterious invitations to a meeting in a 19th century room at the Fifth Avenue Library. The characters are well developed and likeable:

Jett – a college literature professor who is working on his dissertation. 

Lexa – an successful executive assistant at a trendy restaurant chain. 

Coral – a high profile owner of a cosmetic company.

Chuck – an Uber driver and divorced dad.

Ed – a retired widower.

Each of the characters has a detailed backstory, including Jett and Lexa who used to be married to each other. 
I enjoyed learning more about each person as the chapters unfolded. There are hidden secrets, tragic events and successes that have happened during the course of each character’s life. Their “mysterious society” becomes a bond of friendship that begins to change lives for the better. There is also a strong thread of romance throughout the book and a powerful message of hope. 

“The Fifth Avenue Story Society” is probably not a huge “award winner,” but I did enjoy it. I found myself wanting to continue reading ‘just one more page’ to find out what turn the story would take. Each chapter was a refreshing, pleasant read for me and I recommend it to all who need a reminder that hope is always there for us.

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