“Greenlights” Review

Greenlights is the best-selling memoir written by Matthew McConaughey – but don’t let the word “memoir” fool you into thinking it is dry or boring. This book is neither! I really enjoyed reading every word of Greenlights and found McConaughey to be an extremely talented writer. I have seen many of his movies, and he always seems to portray “characters” in his roles.  His acting is always intriguing and his book did not disappoint. I admire the fact that he admits his imperfections and strives to live a good life – and the stories he tells on his journey are fascinating.

McConaughey follows the timeline of his life chronologically in this book, which I really liked. He tells about his upbringing, parents, siblings, school, career choices, acting, marriage and being a father. I found him to be a very honest, funny, descriptive writer and I love how he included snippets from his diaries and poems that he has written. There is colorful language and some personal experiences that may not appeal to every reader – but they show who Matthew McConaughey is and he is unflinchingly honest – whether it embarrasses or bothers others or not. (Some of his stories can be a little coarse…)

After reading Greenlights, I know I want to listen to the audiobook! It is read by McConaughey and reviews for it are stellar as well. I laughed out loud many times while reading this book and it made me pause and think about how I live my life. I also went back and reread many of his poems and diary excerpts. So glad I read this autobiography!!

Here is a link to an interview with McConaughey about his life and his book:

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