“Dear Emmie Blue” Review

Sometimes I just need a heartwarming “chick lit” book to read, and Dear Emmie Blue was the perfect choice! Lia Louis is the author of this quick read, and she did a great job of developing wonderful characters that made me laugh and cry, sometimes in the same paragraph. The story has great insights on friendship and love – as well as forgiveness. It is both a romance and ‘growing up’ story about Emmie.

In her teens, Emmie released a balloon into the sky, with a secret and her email attached. It was found over 100 miles away by Lucas Moreau, who became Emmie’s best friend and has remained so for the past 14 years. I won’t tell anymore of the plot, because doing so would be a ‘spoiler’ – but there are many great characters in this book and you just need to read it to discover all about them. There are some twists and turns, most of them are predictable, but I didn’t mind that at all. I still enjoyed every minute of reading Dear Emmie Blue!

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