“Beautiful Little Fools” Review

If you haven’t read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, you’ll need to read (or reread) that classic novel. Then, check out Beautiful Little Fools by Jillian Cantor – it’s the Gatsby story told from the women’s point of view and with an expanded fictional storyline.

In August, 1922, Jay Gatsby is found murdered in his swimming pool in West Egg, New York. The suspect has been identified and the case is closed. But one detective keeps investigating and believes the true answer lies with the women . . . Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker and Catherine McCoy alternate narrating chapters in this wonderful novel. Cantor’s characters come alive through the novel – the 1920’s were so different from today’s world. These women had dreams, disappointments and passions that were so interesting to discover. Did one of them really kill Jay Gatsby?

I really loved Beautiful Little Fools and the stories of the women. It made me rethink my original views about the characters in The Great Gatsby. (There is some language and sex in the novel, but not excessive and it fits with the storyline perfectly.) I was fascinated by this retelling of the classic story! Check it out!!!

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