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This is a truly exciting, action-packed film explaining how the battle of Midway transpired in the South Pacific Theater of War, and how this famous battle was a turning point for the Allies during WWII.

With an outstanding cast, and computerization of the great aircraft carriers, air battles, and the attack on Pearl Harbor, I was truly on the edge of my seat (sofa, in this case)! Dennis Quaid as Vice Admiral William Halsey and Woody Harrelson as Admiral Nimitz are just two of the fine actors who transport you back to the time between 1937-1942, and how crucial these battles were to America and the rest of the world trying to end the ruthlessness of the Nazi army, and the endless attacks of the Japanese Empire.

Even though you are fully aware of the outcome of the war, I think you’ll feel the power of this film as you ‘root’ for the American Navy to succeed!  Rated: PG13


Teenage brothers Ian and Barley decide to embark on a magical quest in the hope that they can spend one more day with their late father.  Since the boys just happen to be elves, the journey  is filled with mysterious maps, dangerous obstacles and unimaginable discoveries.

When their Mom finds out her sons are missing, she asks the legendary ‘manticore’ 

to help her rescue her sons, creating even more adventures! 

With a stellar cast including Chris Pratt, Tom Holland, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Octavia Spencer, and of course, John Ratzenberger, who appears in every PIXAR film, PIXAR has created another entertaining film that adults love as much as the kids! 



A beautiful story set in a small, conservative English village in 1959. A young widow, Florence, (portrayed by Emily Mortimer) opens her bookshop in an old home, feeling that all towns need a place to purchase books. 

However, the self-proclaimed ‘town ruler’ decides that she wants Florence’s shop closed!

With the many colorful characters–a gentleman neighbor, a very young shop helper, and others, our plot reveals this wonderful tale that makes YOU want to hurry into your library for a book to read and love.

Rated: PG


PIXAR has made another super film for the entire family, with voices by Will Smith, Rachel Brosnahan, Reba McIntyre, Tom Holland, and many more. What I find most exciting is—this comedy, adventure, spy film is based on an original film written, created,  and published by Iroquois County’s very OWN–Lucas Martell, Donovan High School Graduate and son of Brian and Debby Martell of Austin, TX…formerly, of Iroquois County! Lucas’s original short film is titled Pigeon:Impossible, (which you can Google and watch, too.)  Disney/PIXAR acquired the rights to Lucas’s film, and made this fun family movie, Spies In Disguise about a whiz-kid inventor, who grows up to help a super spy (Will Smith’s character) and help to save the world!  Fun for kids and, as usual  with PIXAR, provides, great comedy references that adults ‘get’, but zoom over the heads of the kids. Why, you wonder, well,  because,  they’re too young! Ha ha

 And, in my opinion, it’s just neat to see Lucas Martell’s name in giant letters at the opening credits of the film….So, yay, Lucas….and, yay, PIXAR, for another neat movie.




(Presented by: Disney & Tim Burton)

   You probably watched the excellent animated version of DUMBO as a child, now you must watch this live-action version dedicated to following the original story, but even better!  Travel back 100 years to what circus life might have been before movies, television, and the internet. Life was simpler, yes, but the excitement of being entertained was just as fascinating! Experiencing real jungle animals, costumed performers was very thrilling to everyone when the ‘Circus’ came to town—especially with a flying elephant! You feel as if you are actually flying with Dumbo, and want to cheer him on as he takes his first flight.

   In true Disney form, you will laugh, and cry, but you will love this movie! And, in true Tim Burton form, the movie is perfect for adults and children. Great performances by Colin Farrell (as the wounded WWI veteran), Danny DeVito (as the Circus Ringmaster), Michael Keaton (as a not so nice money-man), and DUMBO as DUMBO!!  Rated-PG


   This is a delightful, family-friendly movie starring WWE’s star-turned-actor, John Cena, as a ‘by the book’ leader of smoke-jumpers who rescue three children and must care for them, while trying to find their parents, while still performing their jobs as smoke-jumpers! Thus, Cena, along with  Keegan-Michael Key, as a fellow firefighter, find themselves in some hilarious (for us, the viewers) situations, since they know nothing about watching and caring for rambunctious kids! Rated-PG


A dogs journey

First of all, if you haven’t watched “A Dog’s Purpose”, watch it, because it is great!!
This new movie, “A Dog’s Journey” continues where “A Dog’s Purpose” ended….and, it, too, is a wonderful family movie; a movie for anyone who LOVES a good story!
Ethan, (portrayed by Dennis Quaid), is the owner of Bailey, beloved dog (voice by Josh Gad), who just happens to have more lives than a cat! In this movie, rather than taking care of Ethan, it’s Ethan’s granddaughter that Bailey charges through many adventures as her Guardian-Angel Dog! But, beware, when this delightful tale ends, you wish for “Just one more adventure, please.” Rated: PG


Dr Dolittle

Dr. John Dolittle, an eccentric known for his ability to talk to animals, disappeared from public life after his wife passed away. But, now, Dolittle must return to public life to find the ‘cure’ that will save Queen Victoria’s life! Thus, Dolittle (played by Robert Downey Jr), sets sail with his animals and his young apprentice to find this cure on an island  only heard of in myths and legends. Adventure erupts everywhere, as old enemies try to hinder his journey!

A delightful movie for all ages, with gorgeous scenery, not to mention talking animals through the use of CGI…computer generated  imagery. 

Other cast members are Emma Thompson; Antonio Banderas; Harry Collett; John Cena. Rated: PG


Harriet (2)

This movie is based on the extraordinary life of Harriet Tubman, American freedom fighter, who having escaped from slavery, returns to the South, again and again, to save others from bondage. Harriet risks recapture and death as she guides hundreds to safety as a ‘conductor’ on the legendary Underground Railroad. Our heroine is portrayed brilliantly by Cynthia Erivo.  Harriet is a wonderful movie to view and spark a family or a classroom discussion about slavery and the human desire for freedom; and how it caused a nation to go to war to end this horrific practice of owning another human being.

Rated PG-13. 


The Call of the wild (2)

During the late 19th century, Buck, a gentle St. Bernard/Scotch Collie, lives the good life with a well-to-do family in California, until one night when he is stolen and sold to be a sled-dog in Alaska after Gold is discovered, and sled dogs are in high demand. Thus, begins the difficult adjustment for poor Buck, having lived in warm California, but now in Alaska…and expected to pull a sled! Along with his new master, played by Harrison Ford, Buck learns what it is like to become a part of the ‘Wild’ or wilderness of 1800s Alaska.

A classic, written by Jack London, with fantastic scenery makes for a perfect family movie night! Rated: PG

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