The Hundred Loves of Juliet

I was skeptical when I read the premise of “The Hundred Loves of Juliet” by Evelyn Skye, but this book was a fun ‘escape’ romance. It’s not a novel that requires deep thought – but it’s cute, light and emphasizes the belief of ‘true love’ despite the circumstances. The chapters are told in alternating points of view. It begins in a crabbing village in Alaska, but later chapters take place all over the world.

Helene has left her cheating husband and gone to Alaska to find herself and to work on her writing. She runs into a man in a bar, Sebastian, who is literally the picture of the man in all of her stories. Sebastian wants nothing to do with her, however. It turns out that Sebastian is actually Romeo Montague (yes, from Shakespeare’s writings) and he never died as we all thought. Instead, he has been cursed with immortality and has been meeting new versions of the reincarnated Juliet since the time of her death, 700 years ago. And it turns out that Helene is the newest reincarnation of Juliet.

I loved reading about the different time periods when Sebastian and different Juliets met, even though the curse always meant that Juliet died. I liked the idea of them connecting as soulmates through the centuries. “The Hundred Loves of Juliet” kept my interest and also kept me wondering if Helene and Sebastian’s love could beat the curse! If you love romance, this is a cute, charming read.

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