Dead Man’s Wake

If you like action/adventure mixed with murder/mystery, check out the ‘Mike Bowditch’ series by Paul Doiron. I read “Dead Man’s Wake” in one rainy afternoon and liked his characters and the mystery of the story. This is #14 in the series, but the novels don’t have to be read in order – I had only read one other title in the series and enjoyed this book as a stand-alone.

Mike and his fiance, Stacey are celebrating their engagement on a lakehouse in Maine when a man is killed on the water. Mike is a state game warden and investigates the accident, but there are a number of questions . . . Was this an accident? Was it murder? Who is the dead man? There are several twists and turns and enough action that I kept guessing at the final outcome right up until the end. 

I loved the Maine scenery and setting for “Dead Man’s Wake.” The loons, islands and shorelines make the perfect setting for all of the suspense. I also loved that the colorful characters (both good and bad) had quirks and flaws, just as in real life. If you enjoy C.J. Box or Lee Child – Paul Doiron’s novels might appeal to you too!

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