Famous in a Small Town

Viola Shipman has written another wonderful summer read – “Famous in a Small Town.” The novel is set partly in St. Louis but focuses on northern Michigan, where every summer brings Cherry Festivals and all that goes with them. Fun characters, fun story, fun read!
Mary Jackson is 80 years old and is famous for winning a Cherry Spitting Contest when she was a child – her record still stands. Mary is also known for saying, “A girl can do anything a man can – You just gotta believe you can. That’s the hard part.” Mary runs the Very Cherry General Store and spends the summer of this novel with her best friend, Francine, her grandson, Ollie and two 40-year-old St. Louis girls who are on a vacation get-away. The novel is full of nostalgia, warmth, friendship and small-town values.
I loved reading “Famous in a Small Town!” It made me want to go to Michigan and enjoy all of the fun described in the story. Many blurbs about this novel have called it the ‘perfect summer read’ and I would definitely agree!

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