Just The Nicest Couple

If  you’re looking for a quick, easy domestic thriller for a summer read, check out “Just the Nicest Couple” by Mary Kubica. I read this one in an afternoon and it kept my interest AND kept me guessing until near the end! (The first half is slow-paced, but the second half moves much faster.)

This novel focuses on two couples – Lily & Christian and Nina & Jake. Lily and Nina are both teachers at the local high school. Christian is in marketing and Jake is a surgeon. Chapters alternate between Christian and Nina’s points of view and are easy to follow. When Jake doesn’t come home after work, Nina thinks he is just angry after a fight they had . . . but then he doesn’t come home for several days . . . then a week . . . Nina reports his disappearance to the police and continues searching for Jake on her own. She seems to have secrets, but so do Lily, Christian, and others. Where is Jake? Is he still alive? Who is to blame for his disappearance? Or is Jake pretending that he is gone so he can stalk the others?

“Just the Nicest Couple” was an above average thriller with very easy to follow chapters. The characters were not unique or very appealing, but the story did keep my interest. This novel would be a good choice when you don’t want a long or complicated story but want some twists and turns along the way!

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