The Housemaid

I am so glad that a library patron recommended The Housemaid by Freida McFadden – what an addicting read!!! I won’t give many details about the novel because I don’t want to give away any of the plot twists. . . The Housemaid is a domestic/psychological thriller that has short chapters and is a very quick read – I read it in two afternoons. It is narrated by Millie, the maid and also by Nina, the wife.

Millie is in her late-twenties and is an ex-con, on parole, after spending ten years in prison. She gets a “dream job” as a housemaid in Nina and Andrew Winchester’s wealthy household. Do they know about her past? Will Millie be able to keep her job in this creepy household? Which character really has mental health issues? Why was Millie in prison? Will Millie end up back in prison? 

There is a lot of “buzz” around The Housemaid! It was published in 2022, but is gaining in popularity now. This was a novel that I did NOT want to put down!! And even better… there is a sequel – The Housemaid’s Secret, which Watseka Public Library will have on our shelves in June!!

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