“Hang the Moon” Book Review

Hang the Moon by Jeannette Walls is a terrific historical fiction novel that is full of action and has a feisty, interesting female main character. The setting is the 1920’s Prohibition era when bootlegging was the means to keep a poor Virginian hill family fed and pay the bills. The novel deals with family relationships, feuds, cheating and power . . . and it is a page-turner!

Sallie Kincaid wants to carry on her father, Duke’s legacy. He is the most powerful man in town – Duke owns the Emporium store, rents land and homes to most townsfolk and controls the law and order in the small town of Caywood. But at age 8, Sallie is sent away to live with her Aunt. Finally, at age 17, her father sends for her to return home. But Sallie doesn’t fit the mold of the “proper” young lady of influence. She is too brash, too wild and too opinionated. There are many twists and surprises in the novel – and sometimes it is hard to keep the family lineage straight. (Lots of cheating and inbreeding.) But Sallie’s strong character carries the novel – what a fun read!

I really enjoyed the great story in Hang the Moon! There was lots of action and the characters were great. Some might find the many twists to be a little too much, but all of it made for a wonderful read!

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