“Earth’s the Right Place for Love” Book Review

Elizabeth Berg is a wonderful writer, and her latest novel, Earth’s the Right Place for Love, is beautiful and sweet. This novel is an easy read – I finished it in one day. It is set in Missouri in the late 1940’s through the 1950’s and is a story of belonging, family, friendship and love. There is not a lot of action or adventure, but the story was gentle and touching.

Arthur Moses lives in the small town of Mason with his parents and his older brother, Frank. He is a sensitive teenager, a loner and has a crush on beautiful Nola McCollum. Will he be able to work up the nerve to talk with Nola? Will Nola laugh at him or ignore him? Arthur is consumed with Nola, but through the chapters, we see how he interacts with his family and with others in his neighborhood as well. Tragedy hits the Moses family without warning and the characters have to deal with their grief. Arthur is really a kindhearted soul and I enjoyed reading his coming of age story.

Earth’s the Right Place for Love is part of the “Mason series” of novels by Elizabeth Berg. It is a stand-alone novel, but if you like it . . . there are 3 other books set in the same small town of Mason, Missouri. (The Story of Arthur Truluv is about Arthur Moses as well.)

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