“Pineapple Street” Book Review

Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson is a book about a family that is wealthy, arrogant, elitist and definitely ‘old money.’ I didn’t really connect with any of the main characters, but still found the story had humor and even some compassion and heart by the end. 

Tildy and Chip Stockton are millionaires many times over and have raised their children, Darley, Cord and Georgiana in privilege and upper class snobbery. Darley’s husband, Malcolm, and Cord’s wife, Sasha were the two most likable characters in the novel and probably kept my interest through the majority of the book. They both had middle class upbringings and were the most genuine characters. The chapters are narrated by Darley, Sasha and Georgiana – revealing many secrets that the family keeps from each other and many faults that they try to hide from each other and from society. (This is a contemporary fiction novel and did have some language that could be offensive to some readers.)

Pineapple Street was an easy read and didn’t require lots of thought. It would be a good ‘beach read’ or ‘need a break read.’ By the time I reached the end, I did hope for good things to happen for the Stocktons and was happy with the ending. It also made the New York Times bestseller list and was chosen as a Good Morning America book club book!

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