“The Twyford Code” Book Review

Are you looking for a unique novel and do you love mysteries with word puzzles and codes? Then check out The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett. This story is written as a series of ‘transcribed audio excerpts’ that have been recovered from a lost phone. Initially, I was a little confused by this style of writing – but I quickly was drawn into the story and the clever twists. (There are ‘bleeped out’ expletives, but they fit with Steven’s upbringing and the way he would naturally talk.)

Steven Smith is a 50 year old ex-con – recently released from prison after serving 11 years for murder. He tries to contact his biological son, but the son wants nothing to do with him. The son does give Steven his old iphone 4, which Steven uses to record his thoughts and his search for a well-loved childhood teacher and a code that was found in a children’s book series. The main ‘voices’ are all former classmates in Steven’s Remedial English class. (Steven has never been a good reader, so finds the phone recorder much easier to use.)  Through recordings and interviews, Steven tells about his troubled childhood and many other events in his life – I won’t give any details, because I don’t want to give away any of the story!

The Twyford Code is a little long in places, but the brilliant plot made up for any spots that were slow. Reading it is often a little confusing, but keep at it – remember, it is a book about codes and puzzles, and all will be revealed in the end! And what an ending!!! Loved the last page the most!!!! (Wish I could tell you the ending, but it’s the treasure you get after following the code to its conclusion!)

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