“The Younger Wife” Book Review

Sally Hepworth’s novel, The Younger Wife was first published in April of 2022, but is new to our library. It is an intriguing domestic suspense thriller that truly kept me wanting to read more and to figure out the answers . . . Who is injured? Who is telling the truth? Who is hiding secrets?

There are only a few main characters in this novel – Stephen, a highly respected doctor; Heather, his much younger fiance; Tully and Rachel, his daughters; and Pam, his ex-wife living in a nursing home with dementia. The novel’s prologue describes Stephen and Heather’s wedding and eventual chaotic ending – it is told from the point of view of an observer at the wedding. The story of Stephen and Heather’s meeting and events leading up to the wedding are then revealed in chapters narrated by Heather, Tully and Rachel. The novel is fairly fast-paced and covers mental health issues, domestic abuse and more. Tully and Rachel are not thrilled with the idea of their dad remarrying a younger woman while their mom is still living, yet they love him and want him to be happy. What could go wrong????

The Younger Wife was a quick read with short chapters and characters that I liked. It really kept my attention and I liked figuring out the secrets and truths as I read along. I would recommend it to contemporary fiction lovers!

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