“The Woman in the Library” Review

I loved the cover of this novel and discovered a terrific mystery with The Woman in the Library by Sulari Gentill. This book is NOT a breezy beach read – I really had to pay attention to the clever story and the little twists and turns. I also couldn’t wait to pick it up to keep reading because it kept my attention so well. (This novel was published on June 7, 2022. I was able to read it with HOOPLA for free right away – no waiting!)

Winnifred (Freddie) is writing a story at a table in the New York Public Library when a woman is heard screaming. There are three other patrons also seated near Freddie and the group come together in the aftermath of the scream and upon hearing that a woman has been found murdered. The foursome begin a friendship and decide to investigate who may have killed the woman and why . . . There is a secondary story to the novel as well – a story within the story. Famous Australian writer, Hannah Tigone, is actually writing this novel while corresponding with Leo, an American fan. Leo’s comments start out fairly normally, but soon change to a disturbing tone. The characters are well developed and it was fun to follow their actions and try to solve the puzzle of WHO is a murderer!

At the beginning, I had trouble matching the characters up to their “nicknames” – but after 50 pages or so, I knew each personality better and had no problem. I LOVED the story within a story aspect. It made this book a “different” read and really kept my interest. If you love mysteries that make you think – check out The Woman in the Library!!

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