“The Shadow Box” Review

If you’re looking for a good page-turner for your New Year, check out The Shadow Box by Luanne Rice. This novel had terrific characters – very realistic, whether they were “good” or “bad.” The setting is oceanside Connecticut and the descriptions were spot on. (It made me want to get away from the cold and actually see this beautiful area.)Claire Chance is an artist who makes shadow boxes using items she collects on the beach. Her husband, Griffin Chance, is an important prosecutor in the area and plans to run for governor. He is also an abusive husband and NOT a kind man. When Claire is attacked in her garage and left for dead, she suspects that her attacker was her husband. . . but Griffin has so much power and influence that Claire is afraid to trust anyone for help. The story unfolds as she hides away, trying to uncover clues and also deciding who she can trust. There are several sub-plots that add to the interest . . . a boat explosion on the same day as Claire’s attack and two missing children being the most important. Conor Reid, a detective with the state police, is dedicated to his job and a steady positive force in the nove

l. This book was a terrific mystery/thriller novel. It kept my interest but didn’t require lots of extra thinking to understand the story. It was partly a “whodunit”, but since Claire implicates her husband right away, it was more of a “who else is under Griffin’s control” plot. There was definitely lots of corruption in this old-wealth community! 

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