“The Searcher” Review

The Searcher is the first novel I have read by Tana French. It was a story set in a rural Irish village, near the bogs and mountains. This novel is a slow paced mystery/thriller, with a little more action near the end of the book. 

Cal Hooper, a retired American policeman, has moved to a fixer-upper home in Ireland’s rugged countryside. He is still dealing with divorce issues and a disconnect with his adult daughter. To his surprise, he befriends Trey, a teen from a broken family struggling to survive. The mystery enters when Trey asks him to find a brother, Brendan, who has disappeared. Slowly, the disturbing underside of the Irish community begins showing itself – endangering both Cal and Trey. Who or What chased Brendan away? (Or even worse, Who or What killed him?) I had some suspicions as I read, but there were some surprises along the way . . .

I will definitely look into some other books written by Tana French, such as her “Dublin Murder Squad” series, which begins with Into the Woods! 

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