“The Paris Apartment” Review

I have read other books by Lucy Foley, and couldn’t wait to read The Paris Apartment. This novel didn’t disappoint – it had a slow start, but by halfway through, I just had to keep reading to discover the truth! 

The setting, of course, is Paris. Jess Hadley arrives at #12 Rue Des Amants expecting to be welcomed by her half-brother, Ben Daniels. Ben is not there and even though Jess waits, he doesn’t return. To make matters worse, none of the other tenants seem friendly and some actually act very suspiciously. Jess is afraid to go to the police and doesn’t know who to trust or believe. Where is Ben? Will Jess uncover the mystery? Will Jess escape unharmed? The beauty of the novel is uncovering information as you read through the novel . . . (Each short chapter is narrated by a character who lives on a floor of the apartment – but only a handful, so it isn’t overwhelming trying to keep track of them.) 

I really enjoyed The Paris Apartment! The building where the characters live fits right in with the mystery of Ben’s disappearance. I liked that there were several points-of-view in the novel – and many of the characters are in the dark about certain facts. Be prepared for unsavory secrets, dysfunctional characters and several plot twists!

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