“The Mountains Wild’ Review

The Mountains Wild by Sarah Stewart Taylor is a police investigation type of novel which takes place in and around Dublin, Ireland. It is well-written and is Taylor’s first book in a new series featuring Detective Maggie D’arcy. (A Distant Grave will be the 2nd novel in the series and is set to come out in June 2021.)

The chapters in this book alternate between 1993 – the year Maggie’s cousin, Erin disappeared in Ireland; and the year 2016, when Niamh Horrigan has gone missing. After years of relentless searching, Erin has never been found – they fear she is dead, but no one is sure. There have also been other murdered girls in the in-between years in the same area – so a serial murderer is suspected. Maggie, a detective in Long Island, New York, travels to Ireland to see if she can find out more about her cousin, Erin. The trip jogs her memories about the past and makes her seek answers to questions that have long been on her mind.

I loved the descriptions of Ireland in The Mountains Wild. The beautiful land and its people were a big part of the plot line. I also loved the way the novel seemed to come together like a puzzle. As the detectives search for answers, I felt like I was solving the crimes along with them. I give this book a “thumbs up” if you love crime mysteries!

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