“The Lies I Tell” Review

The Lies I Tell is a well-written mystery with a ‘cat and mouse game’ throughout. Revenge and justice are a main theme – as is trust. I started out rooting for one character, but by the end, I was rooting for both of the female leads . . . even though neither was totally honest.

Meg Williams is a con artist with a long and successful history of multi-million dollar schemes. She began working her cons after she and her mother lost their home to a corrupt realtor when Meg was a teenager. Ten years have now passed, and Meg may finally get revenge on that realtor. Kat Roberts is a reporter who has been investigating Meg for ten years and also has a personal vendetta against Meg. The two women begin a ‘friendly’ relationship, but both have angles that are being played and I was never sure which of them to trust . . . or whether either one should be trusted! Despite their lies, Meg and Kat have many redeeming qualities and I truly liked them both by the end.

This novel was really hard for me to put down! The chapters were short and once I got about 25 pages in – I was hooked and couldn’t wait to see where the story went. It kept me guessing all the way and I loved the ending!

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