“The Last Thing He Told Me” Review

If you are a mystery lover, check out The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave. This novel  was so well written that it pulled me in from the beginning. I loved the way the characters were developed and I really enjoyed the story. I also enjoyed the setting of the novel – Sausalito, California. 

Hannah Hall has been married for a year to Owen Michaels, and is still trying to win over her sixteen year old stepdaughter, Bailey. The family is happy and life seems pretty normal, until Hannah gets a note from Owen that just says, ‘Protect her.’ Hannah knows that Owen must be referring to Bailey, but she can’t ask him what he means, because Owen has disappeared. To make matters worse, reporters and FBI agents are telling Hannah that Owen’s company is being investigated for security fraud and executives at the company are being arrested. Hannah and Bailey begin a search for the truth behind Owen’s disappearance – but the more they learn, the more it seems that Owen was not who he seemed. Why did he disappear? Why didn’t he tell Hannah or Bailey his secrets? How can Hannah protect Bailey? Who does Bailey need protected from?

Giving you more info about the plot would probably spoil some of the mystery and suspense of The Last Thing He Told Me . . . but I highly recommend this family drama/mystery. (You will want to read it before it comes out as a series starring Julia Roberts! Apple TV has purchased the rights for the project and Reese Witherspoon’s company is producing the series.)

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