“The House Across the Lake” Review

The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager was SO hard to put down – I loved Sager’s writing style and was in the mood for a good mystery/thriller. There are several twists in the plot – a couple actually had me exclaiming “WOW!” out loud. I hope I can give you some thoughts about this novel without giving any of the main story away! 

Casey Fletcher is an alcoholic actress and widow who comes to her family’s lake house in Vermont to try and reflect on her crumbling life. She spends her time drinking and using her binoculars to watch her neighbors, sometimes seeing things which are creepy or troubling. (Yes, this plot does seem similar to several other bestselling novels…) There are only five houses on Lake Greene – a beautiful, but dark and eerie lake. Eli, an old-timer and Boone, a handyman are in two of the houses. One house is vacant. Katherine and Tom Royce live directly across the lake from Casey and are the couple that she spies on the most . . . and then Katherine suddenly disappears . . . 

I love the mystery and twists in The House Across the Lake. The plot does take a weird turn – but I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so just be ready to ride the roller coaster to the end.  I enjoyed it and it was a good summer read!

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