“The Family” Review

I don’t usually read stories about the Italian Mafia, but I was drawn to the cover art on this novel and enjoyed The Family by Naomi Krupitsky. The writing is wonderfully done, but be prepared for a slow set-up for the faster paced second half of the novel. Krupitsky focuses on the women in “The Family” and how business decisions affect their lives. The female characters, including the girls’ mothers, are excellently portrayed!

Sofia Colicchio and Antonia Russo grow up in the 1920’s, in adjacent homes that share a wall. They are as close as sisters, but their relationship ebbs and flows as the novel moves through the 1920’s, 1930’s and 1940’s. Sofia is loud, independent and sure of herself. Antonia is shy, intellectual and somewhat timid. The girls know that their fathers’ work is different from other fathers’ jobs. They know that other children and parents stay distanced from them. Sofia and Antonia search for answers to their coming-of-age questions and soon become mothers themselves.Of course, “The Family” is always a deciding factor in their lives. 

If you enjoy the 1920-1950 time period, and strong female characters, I think you might like The Family. When you finish it, let me know what you think happens after the ending!! (I’m really split on what I think happens next!)

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