“Such a Quiet Place” Review

I picked up Megan Miranda’s new thriller/mystery, Such A Quiet Place and was so glad I made that choice! (I’ve enjoyed her other books, and this one didn’t disappoint:) The setting is Hollow’s Edge, a lakefront neighborhood where everything seems to be picture perfect – except it isn’t. Fourteen months ago, Ruby Fletcher was arrested and convicted of the murder of her neighbors. Camera footage and residents’ statements were the only evidence, and now the courts have decided the investigation was tainted. 

Ruby has been released on a technicality and everyone still wonders if she is guilty. Why is she back? What does she want from them? Who should they trust?

Harper Nash is the narrator for the entire story and she can’t decide if she is Ruby’s friend or if she should trust her at all. Through Harper, we meet the rest of the neighbors. On the outside, they seem to be friendly, but there are secrets and twists that are revealed slowly throughout the novel. I can’t really describe too much of the story without giving away part of the plot, but I enjoyed the puzzles of this story.  I read this book in two afternoons because I so wanted to discover who was really the murderer! If you are a mystery lover or just want a quick enjoyable read – try this book!

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