“Silverview” Review

Silverview by John Le Carre is on many of the “best of the year” lists, so I really wanted to see if it was something special. (It is the last book written by Le Carre, who passed away in December 2020.) I enjoyed it! If you like spy novels, you will like the slow unraveling of the true story. But I wouldn’t list it as one of the best books I’ve read this year – the pace was just a little slow for my taste. 

Make sure you pay attention to characters in the first three chapters – they seem very disjointed – but they will all come together in the end! I don’t really want to give away ANY details about characters or plot, because I don’t want to spoil the reading of this novel for you. I will say that it involves the British intelligence community, the families of those intelligence workers and the political climate they live in. Sometimes I wondered whether certain characters were “good” or “bad” – and maybe that is because Le Carre believed that we all live within shades of those labels.

If you enjoy slow mysteries and spy novels, check this new book out!

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