“Rock Paper Scissors” Review

Are you looking for a creepy, unsettling thriller to curl up with on a cool, Fall evening? Check out Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney! Mysteries abound in this novel and the true answers are not completely revealed until the ending. 

Adam Wright is a successful screenwriter and his wife, Amelia loves her work in a dog shelter. The Wrights have been married over a decade, but their marriage hasn’t been great for a while . . . so they go on a weekend getaway to explore their relationship. The question is – do they both want the marriage to work or not? The chapters are told alternately from Amelia’s and then Adam’s point of view – but neither of them are totally honest or reliable narrators. There are also letters that Adam’s wife has written on their anniversary each year to her husband, even though she hides them away and never lets him read them. The story was fascinating and spooky, with a blizzard cutting the Wrights off from the world and a chapel “guest house” complete with creaky stairs and a gothic feel. (P.S. There is a dog – and he ends up just fine at the end of the book!)

I really enjoyed Rock Paper Scissors!!! Lots of suspense and it kept me guessing until the end. (Netflix has the rights to this novel and plans to make a 6-part series based on Feeney’s book.)

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