“One Two Three” Review

I grabbed One Two Three by Laurie Frankel on my way out of the library, wanting a good book for the weekend . . . and it turned out to be a wonderful novel. The title didn’t really sound that appealing, but after reading the first three chapters, I was hooked!!

One Two Three are nicknames for a set of triplet teenage girls in a small town called Bourne. Mab, Monday and Mirabel are so authentic, appealing and perfectly characterized by Frankel. Each of the girls has her own distinct personality, but they are intertwined with love and caring for each other. I enjoyed each of the girls, as well as their mother, Nora and several other town citizens. They are all struggling to live their best life in a town with few options. The town of Bourne was poisoned by Belsum Chemical over sixteen years ago, and Nora has been leading the fight in a lawsuit against the company. The girls and their mother take on the bureaucratic system and uncover several mysteries along the way. The big question – will Belsum win or will the citizens of Bourne?

Each chapter of the book was narrated by one of the triplets and I laughed at the humor and insight that each girl had – even though they looked at life from three very different angles. Parts of the novel develop slowly and other sections have more action – but the three girls are the driving force of the novel. This would make a great book club book and maybe someday, a movie. Highly recommend!

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